Commercial Fencing

Tara Fencing provides fencing to a range of commercial properties all across the Meath area. We have developed a reputation within the business community for our professionalism, competitive pricing structures and the speed and efficiency of our service. We are available to offer our services to:

  • Sports Grounds

  • Schools

  • Housing Estates

  • Shopping Centres

  • Industrial Estates

  • Educational Facilities

We’ve been supplying and installing quality fences for decades meaning we’re one of the most experienced fence installation companies in Ireland. Allow the experts to install the fences in your commercial property.

Have the experts install fencing around your commercial property today. Call Tara Fencing.

Stud Railing

Tara Fencing has extensive experience in installing agricultural fencing. Our stud railing is the perfect fencing to enclose a horse or just about any large farming animal. Our horse enclosure fencing comes in two or three-panel varieties. Our expert team of fencing installers are able to survey your property and recommend the right stud fencing for your property.
These timber built fences are treated to be weather resistant and their flexibility means they won’t crack or shatter like plastic PVC varieties. This means they are a much safer option for horse enclosures.

Do you require timber built stud railing for your horse enclosure? Then get in contact with Tara Fencing today.

V Mesh Fencing

We supply V Mesh fencing to all our commercial clients. V Mesh fencing is extremely versatile and can be fixed to concrete, wood or steel posts. We supply V Mesh fencing in a range of different heights and we’ve available to advise customers on the right fencing height for their property. V Mesh fencing increases the security of a property and acts as a deterrent to trespassers and intruders.

Would your property benefit from the extra security offered by V mesh fencing? Then get in contact with Tara Fencing today.