Domestic Fencing

Tara Fencing provides clients with a range of domestic fencing solutions. No matter the size of your property's land, Tara Fencing has the equipment and the manpower to put up fencing quickly and efficiently. We encourage domestic clients to get in touch with us today to find out more about our competitive pricing structures. We supply all types of fencing for domestic properties.

Do you require a fencing solution for your domestic property? Then get in contact with Tara Fencing today.

Concrete Panel Fencing

Concrete panel fencing is an extremely popular choice for clients who live in housing estates. Concrete panel fencing is quickly installed, affordable and extremely sturdy and long lasting.
When installed around a garden it offers clients unparalleled safety and security. It is perfect for creating an enclosure for young children and pets. Concrete panel fencing is also extremely versatile. Various finishes, like brickwork or timber, can be applied to the façade of concrete panel fencing creating a beautiful eye-catching finish.

Do you want all the advantages of concrete panel fencing on your property? Then get in contact with Tara Fencing today.

Non Climb Wire Fencing

Tara Fencing provides non-climb wire fencing to customers with large amounts of land. This cost-effective solution – that creates safe enclosures for animals and children – is perfect for domestic clients with large rural landholdings. Tara Fencing supplies all the raw materials and can build this long-lasting, weather resident, fencing solution today.

Do you own a large rural property that requires extensive fencing? Then get in contact with Tara Fencing today.